Reflective Listening Exercise

FMM’s signature skill for increased emotional resilience.

All developmental research indicates that emotions play a foundational role in the development of resilience or problematic sexual behaviors. ~ Honest Talk

“The nervous system’s expectation is a metaphor for safety.” ~ Porges, Polyvagel Theory

Please read the instructions below to get the most out of the exercise.

Watch this Reflective Listening (RL) Exercise video multiple times.

Download, save and print documents listed below and keep them in a folder/binder for easy access.  Use the RL exercise daily, not only to express feelings and process pain, but to give insight and next steps for better spiritual stewardship.  The RL sentence structure is helpful to initiate daily journalling.  We suggest that you make multiple copies of the single worksheet and to keep the supporting documents (Boundaries Define Us and Seven Desires of Every Heart) close by your journaling and or devotional area.

We are super excited to share FMM’s signature skill with you!!  Hats off to you for taking steps toward emotional resilience!