FMM Spouses Ministry Director

Maribel Bogema, ASC

Maribel has been serving on FMM’s board since 2019 and as FMM’s Spouse Group Facilitator and the Spouses Ministry Director shortly thereafter.  Maribel has a passion to walk alongside women that have experienced betrayal trauma and to equip them with healthy tools for managing emotions as they walk towards wholeness and healing on their journey.

The documents and items linked below are a part of your recovery journey.  Please take note that experts emphasize to work on one’s own recovery individually (whether addict or spouse) for one year before making any major decisions.  Take this time to invest in yourself; to work on you.  Learn how to use the Reflective Listening Exercise for increased emotional resilience.  Find safety in support and disclosure and learn how to challenge distorted thinking.  All this is vital and called post-traumatic growth.   This process will move you from reactivity to responsiveness.  Bottom line, you will be in a healthier more stable place to make long term decisions instead of seeking short term relief.   We’re delighted to come alongside you and watch the Lord move in your life!

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Spouses Workbook

Sexual Abstinence Period & Marital Contract

Couples Relationship Commitment Agreement

FANOS – Couples Daily Check-In

Laaser’s Toolkit for Growth – For Individuals and Couples: Full Disclosure; Redemptive Separation; Healthy Communication Pt 1 & 2; Abstinence Contract; Neurochemistry of Addiction; The Three Chairs; The Three Circles; Vision; Hula Hoop Health – NOTE: This material supplements each individual’s recovery work in either the Spouses or Addict workbook.  It is not designed in itself to be recovery curriculum.