Welcome to Forgiven Much Ministries’ Core Issue Addiction Recovery (CIAR) video library!  FMM’s CIAR training content teaches Post Traumatic Growth principles and processes as one of several offerings nested within the Ministry Education Module of our Affiliate Program.

Initially, this CIAR training was offered live as a 2 day training throughout the southeastern US and Guatemala.  Post COVID, all CIAR content is available online, worldwide, in video format free of charge.  For those who would like to learn and grow in community, this CIAR content is available in a cohort format through our Associate Study Certificate (ASC).  The ASC includes interactive assignments, class and alumni discussion boards, a Certificate of Completion and an opportunity to advance to the Ambassador level.  To learn more about the ASC please follow this link and scroll down to the Associate.

Either way, please feel free to view the videos below and share with your friends and don’t forget to check out FMM’s Workshops!

CIAR Training Videos

“Teach what you learn. Make a difference in your generation!”

~ Sue Moore, CPSAS

The instructions below are to guide viewers through the best self-paced learning experience.  Please click on the video links to the right for video access.  Most videos offer a quiz option, viewers may submit information or decline to continue viewing. This CIAR content is a growing compilation of knowledge obtained through a Sexual Addiction Specialist certification and continuing education.  FMM’s CIAR videos include the four main Elements of the Addictive Condition: Spiritual Doctrine, Family Systems, Fragmentation and Addiction as illustrated in the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Addictive Behaviors (includes 16 presentations of sexual addiction).

  • You may view the videos as many times as you like.
  • Videos are numbered in sequence of recommended viewing.
  • Videos beginning with 00.* are precursors relaying introductory information with some duplicated in their corresponding “Element” of the Addictive Condition.
  • The sequential CIAR content begins with the video labeled 01.
  • Viewing videos out of sequence will omit blocks of information necessary for building a recovery knowledge base.

The CIAR videos start with Addiction and work up the Elements of the Addictive Condition and end at Spiritual Doctrine.  Creating the CIAR videos has been a time intensive project.  As of this writing, there are just a few remaining videos to edit and publish.

This CIAR content is made available without charge in hopes that the gained knowledge will bless you and others on the journey to wholeness. Please feel free share this link.  Go, teach what you learn!  FMM gratefully accepts donations toward the work of this ministry.

May God richly bless our efforts to glorify His great name!

Confident in Him!



Sexual Addiction Specialist

Author, Speaker, CIAR Trainer, Coach

CIAR Video List – To Date

00 FMM History

00.1 Core Issue Addiction Recovery Introductory Video

00.2 Sexual Addiction Statistics

00.3 LRM – LIFE Recovery Model

00.4 LRM – Evaluation Tool

00.5 Reflective Listening Exercise


01 Tips & Certificates

02 Spirit, Soul & Body

03 Addiction Defined

03.1 Bowen, Addiction & Epigenetics

03.2 Sexual Addiction is Multi-Faceted

04.1 Neurobiology – The Pleasure System

04.2 The Orgasm, an Endorphin Rush

04.2.1 Two Pleasure Systems and Intercourse vs. Masturbation

04.3 The Human Pair Bond

04.4 Stress, Emotions & Neurochemicals

04.5 Endorphins – Neurochemicals

04.6 Anhedonia

04.7 Stress, Learning & Memory Loss

04.8 SPECT Brain Scans

04.9 Meditation – Regeneration

05 Cycle of Addiction – Full Video

05 Cycle of Addiction – Overview

05.1 Core Beliefs – 05.2 Wounded Self

05.3 Shame

05.4 Preoccupation- Fantasy

05.5 Justification- Entitlement

05.6 Rituals

05.7 Boundaries

05.8 Acting Out – Acting In

05.9 Despair

05.9.1 Abstinence Violation Effect, SLIPs & Relapse

06 Sexual Health – STDs, HIV & Infectious Diseases

07 Presentations, Signs & Symptoms (PSS) of SA – DSM Diagnostics

07.1 FSLA – PSS Female Sex & Love Addicts

07.3 PSS Adolescents & Children w/Statistics

08 Fragmentation

09 Family Systems (FS) Intro – God’s Design / Intention

09.1 FS –  Attachment Theory

09.2 Family Dysfunction & ACE Study

10 Bowen Theory – Differentiation Scale & Opposing Forces

10.1 Bowen Theory – Eight Concepts & Relational Patterns

11 Family Systems Summary & Spiritual Doctrine Intro

12 The Cycle of Recovery

12.1 Methodology, CIAR Handouts, Promote Group

12.2 First Contact, Group Helps, Group, Guide & Dynamics