A replication strategy, raising up God’s army one person at a time.



The Affiliate Program offers four modules:

Ministry Team


Ministry Education

                                                                            Associate Study Certificate
                                                                            Ambassador Training

Ministry Principles


Ministry Action Plan

Church Mobilization… What does the body need to serve its sexually broken?

A Witness.  And a plan.

It’s a big issue with a variety of materials available.  So, where do we start!?

We know that Jesus restores and there are countless persons walking in freedom from past sexual failures who are not welcome to share in the church, not yet.  Our quest today as Christ’s bride is to change that environment and quick.  But, how?  It’s not as overwhelmingly impossible as one might think but it does require a shame free witness.  Today, as people endure without passion or purpose wouldn’t belonging to a larger story be compelling?  

Check out this video! 

Whether you’re prompted to swim in the deep or prefer the shallows, we’ll look at ways you can be mobilized to get started.  Join us!

Ministry Team

Making sure each person has a role.  We encourage you to select leaders with Isaiah 55:8 in mind.  The LORD tells us that, “His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.” So then, “How do we proceed selecting the ministry’s leadership?”  Does God initiate workers to come to the ministry or do you invite them?  We’d like to suggest that ministry leadership involves both.  You may give an invitation as well as see men and women come forward expressing their call.  Seek the LORD, ask Him to provide workers for the harvest (Mt. 9:38) and do what you know to do to further His work.   Our Ministry Team module will guide you through an ideal team structure with task responsibilities and biblical references to help you identify potential individuals.

Below you will see an outline for the Ministry Education module.  Ministry Education is designed to educate participants in Core Issue Addiction Recovery (CIAR) equipping them for service wherever the LORD leads.  Whether participants desire knowledge for base understanding or to serve in some official capacity, they are guided through a series of videos (and webinars) compiled from years of study for sexual addiction and relationship recovery certification and continuing education.  The content spans from the neurobiology of sexual addiction, fragmentation, family systems and trauma model recovery through to sexual wholeness – all from a clinical and biblical perspective.  Over half of the CIAR training is already available online (without cost) allowing free access to anyone with a desire for this knowledge.  Remaining content, until videos are produced, is available through the Associate Study Certificate.

Ministry EducationCore Issue Addiction Recovery Training

We are grateful for your interest in learning more about addiction recovery from a core issue or trauma model perspective.  In 2008, when Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM) first crafted the Affiliate Program, although we were eager, we held the endeavor loosely seeking the LORD’s leading to open the doors for program implementation.  Now, over a decade later, FMM has launched its long standing vision as we see interest and participation in the Associate Study Certificate (ASC) increase class after class. The ASC is the first rung on the ladder, so to speak, followed by the Ambassador training and then ultimately the Affiliate Hub.  Consider enhancing your addiction recovery knowledge through this program to engage your sphere of influence wherever the Lord is leading you.  The desire behind this strategy is to raise up an army of qualified persons to speak life and light into the darkness.  See this link for ASC Course Objectives & Descriptions.

The vision is as follows:

  • The Associate gains an understanding of addiction recovery through core issue or trauma model methodology so they can impact their world.  This could apply to their current sphere of influence (family/friends), facilitating a recovery group or a base understanding moving toward the Ambassador training to conduct workshop presentations.
    • Interested persons would submit an Associate application with a suggested enrollment fee to participate in an organized discussion of selected topics in a particular time frame.
    • Discussions will be held online or on a conference call depending on the participants capabilities.
    • Passing with 80% or higher on video assessments the participant receives an Associate Certificate of Completion, an understanding of trauma model recovery and refers interested persons to the ASC.
    • If the student wishes to advance in their learning to the Ambassador level they will be asked to complete a final Case Study assignment.
    • For more information please send an email or to simply sign up for Associate Study class notifications, click here.
  • The Ambassador training takes it up a notch.
    • After receiving an Associate Study Certificate of Completion and showing comprehension through writing a final Case Study, students may submit an Ambassador application.  An Ambassador will study FMM workshop materials and practice expected presentation standards.
    • Ambassadors serve as Teacher’s Assistants (co-hosts) and mentors for ASC classes.
    • Ambassadors give workshop presentations to the Affiliate Steering Committee showing a confidence of literacy and presentation skill to receive an Ambassador Certificate of Completion then are free to conduct selected workshops.
    • Ideally this person has had experience facilitating or co-facilitating a Core Issue Addiction Recovery support group or has participated in a support group to understand the practical applications of the LIFE Recovery Model (LRM).  
    • Ultimately this person portrays LRM principles and is practicing sobriety and healthy intimacy skills as a part of their lifestyle.  See LRM video here.
    • Ambassadors refer interested persons to the ASC.
  • The Affiliate Hub
    • An Affiliate Hub is an organization of people who are committed to applying LRM principles, teaching healthy intimacy skills and delivering FMM’s workshops and videos to their community and ultimately referring interested persons to the ASC.
    • At least one member of the Affiliate Hub maintains their Ambassador level training and is currently giving FMM workshops.

The Ambassador application process has hefty accountability requirements.  Participants are to expect to be held accountable for their sobriety from dependent behaviors and for their pursuit of fullness in life with Christ.

If you have read this far and are still interested, the body of Christ needs you!  We really need you. We need people who will make this a viable, fruitful strategy.  Will you carry the message?  If you don’t, who will?  The possibilities of what God will do are great if we just step into it.  God will guide us for sure, but we need people to put on His armor and step into their becoming all He has called them to be.  Join us to raise up God’s army, these front row seats are AMAZING!

O, dry bones hear the word of the Lord! 
…Thus says the Lord God, “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain… that they rise up an exceeding great army.”  – Ezekiel 37

May God be glorified by the work of our hands!

Ministry Principles

As your leadership team becomes acquainted and begins to feel comfortable with their understanding of the addictive condition, next they will study biblical ministry principles.  These are principles of Christian Ministry, Vision, Mission and Provision to establish a solid ministry foundation for success now and for future generations of ministry.

Ministry Action Plan

The Ministry Action Plan guides you through the assessment of your leadership’s gifts and abilities to properly align with ministry to achieve its goal by using known business strategies.  An important objective linked to the vision of ‘Raising Up and Army’ will be a thorough evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team, church and community.  Your leadership team will implement strategies that address specific observations that will help to secure your success for years to come.

After outlining your team’s objectives and strategies you will craft your Action Plan to communicate stability, permanence and purpose to your community.  Identifying your message and giving it visibility both internally and externally is key along with community education and involvement.  Oh, and don’t forget the Kick Off and annual conference to give your ministry visibility!

For more information on the Affiliate Program training click here