Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM) provides education for healthy intimacy and sexual development

by teaching Core Issue Addiction Recovery principles with a sexual addiction emphasis

to equip Christians to pursue God’s design for sexual wholeness.

Forgiven Much Ministries helps people find the gospel through addiction recovery with a focus on sexuality.  We share truth and understanding to help people walk through what takes place in their spirit, soul and body on the journey to wholeness.

FMM’s vision is for the Church to become a safe place to know others and become authentically known.  FMM’s mission, in short, is to equip Christians for a shame free witness.

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Sue Moore, CPSAS, Founder, CEO, Sexual Addiction Specialist

Sue Moore is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist through C-SASI, and Founder and President of Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM). Moore is a Christ follower, avid Word Study geek who loves to learn. Moore’s recovery history includes multiple addictions: drug abuse, female sex and love addiction, work-holism, body image issues and co-dependency.

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Monica Roberts, FMM Board Member

Monica Mason has had a career in rescue, restore, and advocacy for over 20 years. Monica is a believer in Jesus Christ, the lover of her soul, and believes that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God wants people to be restored to Him and to know Him, saved from the shame and effects of sin and darkness.  Monica has 3 adult children, one adult stepdaughter and 5 grandchildren. 

Monica joined FMM’s board in 2019.  Being on FMM’s board allows Monica to be a vital part of what God is doing to reach those entangled in unhealthy habits (or are about to be) as well as to encourage and train those who are a part of a recovery support system or any who are called to the work of this ministry. 

May God be glorified, and may people be continuously transformed in all that we do.

Ross Katayama, FMM Board Member

Ross was born and raised in California, where he grew up on a family-owned citrus farm. After completing high school, Ross ventured out to Minnesota to attend a holistic educational program, which lasted for 16 months. It was during this time that Ross discovered his passion for community involvement and leadership.

Upon completing the program, Ross moved to Tennessee to attend Bryan College. During his time at Bryan College, Ross was actively involved in student life, serving on the Student Body Government, playing Rugby, and serving as a leader in Enactus, the Entrepreneurship Club.

After graduating from Bryan College, Ross started his professional career with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. Over the past five years, Ross has been instrumental in coordinating networking events and board meetings for 12 regional volunteer-led councils.

Ross is a dedicated and passionate leader who strives to make a positive impact in his community. His hard work and commitment to service have earned him the respect of those around him, and he continues to get involved and make a difference. 

Maribel Bogema, FMM Board Member, ASC, Spouses Ministry Director

Maribel has been serving on the board for almost 4 years and also serves as the Spouse Group Facilitator. She has a passion to walk alongside women that have experienced betrayal trauma and equip them with healthy tools for managing emotions as they walk towards wholeness and healing on their journey.

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Ruth Njagi, Field Worker – All Nations, FMM Affiliate Africa

Ruth Njagi is passionate about helping facilitate healing for people lost in addiction. Through discipleship and counseling, she has seen many individuals in Kenya and elsewhere in the world walk and find freedom in Christ. She joined All Nations in 2019 as a field worker and in 2022 became an affiliate member of Forgiven Much Ministries.

She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Ruth’s testament of Jesus’s victory in her own journey of healing from addiction can be viewed and purchased at

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Shannon Visser, FMM Board Member, ASC, Women’s Ministry Director – Intern

Shannon was born and raised in rural Michigan, and now resides in Indiana with Marty, her husband of 22 years and their rescue dog Frankie. Marty and Shannon have two adult daughters, Amber and Kayla. Shannon worked for 20 years with adults with disabilities. She left that career in 2021 to follow God’s leading into full time ministry. 

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