All workshops are held 6:30-8:30pm EST (Feb – Nov) on Zoom.  See corresponding registration links below.

Second Tuesday Workshops

GDS series

This workshop series provides education for healthy intimacy and addresses the need in the body of Christ for an understanding of God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy, Sexual Development and guarding of the Arousal Template.  We’ve been sold a counterfeit.  Eros is built on agape.  Historically, we’ve taught rules with some relational emphasis, covenant love, True Love Waits… the purity narrative; yet we lack resolve on the “Why?”  2T 2023 Registration  Download flyer for friends & church family!

Reflective Listening Workshop

Emotions play a foundational role in the development of resilience or problematic sexual behaviorsThe Reflective Listening Exercise is a signature skill taught by FMM designed to realign distorted thinking, to express feelings and process pain and to uncover the unmet needs of the heart so to address them in healthy ways.   RLW 2023 Registration  Please scroll down for handouts and prerequisites.  Download flyer for friends & church family!

Third Wednesday Workshops

3 Wednesday Workshops

This collection of workshops enhance addiction and recovery knowledge on our IDentity Agreement, Cycle of Addiction, Cycle of Recovery, Mission Statement & Vision.  Workshops rotate monthly and, depending on the workshop, the content is either live or video preview prior to live workshop discussion.  Register once for access to all workshops.             3W 2023 Registration  Download flyer for friends & church family!

Workshop descriptions listed alphabetically below.

Cycle of Addiction
Patterns Replicate and Predict Outcomes

The Cycle of Addiction workshop illustrates predictable patterns of behavior used as defenses against pain, also known as core Issues or wounds.  Dr. Carnes, in his book Out of the Shadows, tells us that the Cycle of Addiction begins with the addict’s belief system.  Dr. Laaser agrees and identifies this as the wounded self where there is a lack of attachment and difficulty with intimacy.  3W Registration

Dr. Carnes states, “Each person has a belief system that is the sum of the assumptions, judgments, and myths that he or she holds to be true. It contains potent family messages about a person’s value or worth, their relationships, needs, and sexuality. Within it is a repertoire of what options, answers, solutions, possibilities or ways of behaving that are open to each of us. In short, it is a model of the world.”

Yet, while one is in this cycle of anxiety patterns, hope can be inserted and isolation can be broken and accountability can interrupt the Cycle of Addiction allowing one to jump over into the Cycle of Recovery.

Cycle of Recovery
Cycle of Recovery
Patterns Replicate and Predict Outcomes

Dr. Laaser, the author of the Cycle of Recovery, stated that just as there is a predictable progression into sin (addiction) there’s a known path of transformation.  New and beneficial relational patterns are illustrated throughout the Cycle of Recovery, as well as learned healthy disciplines that sustain successful recovery leading to a life of wholeness.  3W Registration

The Cycle of Recovery demonstrates non-comprisable elements and patterns of behavior essential for restoring wholeness.  Experiences and family systems messages influence our beliefs and shape our attitudes and temperament towards life.  The Cycle of Recovery unfolds in Christian fellowship where distorted thinking can be challenged, new relational patterns are established and we learn to receive the reflection and revealing of God’s glory, His opinion and value of us.

Just like the Cycle of Addiction with each repetition these cycles intensify; yet in the Cycle of Recovery, we strengthen our resolve and character to live a healthy, intimately known life.

God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy
God's Design for Sexual Intimacy Workshop
Eros Is Built On Agape

We’ve been sold a counterfeit. Historically, we’ve taught rules with some relational emphasis, covenant love, True Love Waits… the purity narrative; yet we lack resolve on the “Why?


In God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy, we defend scriptural principles and add the neurobiological facts that support the decision and actually address the “Why?”  Concluding with the challenge and application for you, the Church.  Will you carry the message to the next generation?  Into your sphere of influence…  Will you do it?    2T Registration

Objectives & Local Workshops

In this workshop on God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy participants will better understand neurobiological pursuit and reward and our two pleasure systems.  God intentionally designed the intensity of the endorphin rush, the four parts of the brain that decrease and the resultant purely transcendent bliss.  All this begins with the building of our arousal template, our sexual belief system.  This workshop addresses optimal function and dysfunction, missing the mark and adolescent impaired judgment, and concludes with God’s highest and best design, paralleling the one flesh union with God’s presence.

God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy participants will better understand the importance of carrying the message forward into the next generation and getting the conversation started in our homes, churches and communities.   To host a workshop in your community, please contact  GDS Testimonials

IDentity Agreement
The Lie That Binds You

Forgiven Much® Ministries’ IDentity Agreement workshop is about our agreement with God on our identity.  Loaded with Scripture, this workshop is the result of countless and continuous lessons and hopefully has some answers to common questions asked in recovery ministry.  Such as, “Doesn’t revisiting wounds of the past keep us stuck?  “How can a Christian be addicted?”  or “What is happening when someone is simply struggling with life, believer or not?”

We start with God’s promise… The fullness of joy is ours!!  If we’re not walking in God’s fullness the truth hasn’t set us free.  Perhaps, it’s time to uncover the lie that binds us.  3W Registration

ID Agreement Roadmap

This IDentity Agreement workshop gives a spiritual perspective of a person’s life, a road map so to speak.  We’ll start by thinking about our identity from God’s perspective.  Then we’ll see Satan’s influence through the impact of our double-mindedness, our interpretation of experiences through our neurological, physical and emotional lens.  Who’s perspective will we chose to believe?  Sometimes we align with God’s perspective and sometimes Satan’s.  You get to choose your identity agreement.

Personal & Ministry                           Mission Statements
Mission Statement
If you don't know what you stand for you'll fall for anything

This developing workshop is based on FMM’s Affiliate Program Ministry Principles Module and is designed to work in conjunction with the Vision Storyboard workshop.  As Christians, we may have a reluctance about having a mission statement.  Perhaps we have limited its application to only secular pursuits of personal power or gain.  True, in secular circles one is encouraged to have a mission statement to demonstrate what we’re “in it for.”  If that’s the case, then as Christians what are we doing if we’re not diligently seeking to reveal the mission we are called to?  Meandering, that’s what I think, and the ruler of this world enjoys our lack of intention immensely.  How long will you put off entering to take possession of the land the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you? – Joshua 18:3-8  3W Registration

Your mission contains the action steps to fulfill your vision

Preparation for this Mission Statement workshop will ask that you take a moment and list your values, talents, abilities and gifts.  Write down things that you value, character traits of people you admire and outcomes of these traits.  Take some time to scribble on paper.  Prioritize what you find. Then write them concisely in short sentences to inspire you not only to produce those attributes within yourself, but to make a difference in your world.   If it’s fuzzy, come back to it, again and again until you have clarity and assurance.  Don’t let up until you do.  What you “fall for” in the meantime can be costly.  Not only a loss for you personally, but a loss to your generation and your sphere of influence.  Bring these notes to the workshop and be prepared to dig into some biblical word studies for navigational purposes.  All of our study is to get us into kingdom alignment and experience the “pro-vision” God has planned for us before the beginning of time.  We are always given the opportunity to start now, to begin living intentionally on purpose.

Reflective Listening
Enhance Emotional Resilience

At the core of unwanted behavior is the inability to process negative emotions.  The Reflective Listening (RL) Exercise is a key tool in recovery.  Applying the RL exercise gives the intellectual system an opportunity to choose long term gain over short term relief.  Learn this vital skill for emotional resilience and healthy relationships!  Workshops are held on the first Wednesday every other month February through November.  RLW Registration

Workshop Handouts & Prerequisites

Please read the instructions below to help you get the most out of the workshop.

1. Watch this Reflective Listening (RL) Exercise video multiple times.

2. Download, save and print documents listed below and keep them in a folder/binder for easy access.  We suggest that you make multiple copies of the single worksheet.

3. Your Reflective Listening exercise sample: Select an experience or situation and fill out the sentence on your worksheet following the Reflective Listening (advanced version) instructions.  Do your best, but don’t get uptight about doing it perfectly.  Select a topic that you would be comfortable processing with others during breakouts (potentially).

We ask that if you attend this workshop that you are familiar with the video, the worksheet instructions and supporting documents and that you have worked on a couple worksheets (basic or advanced) prior to the workshop. 

During the workshop we will collectively follow the RL instructions with a sample worksheet stopping at each step to breakout into groups allowing time for you to practice on your own worksheet.  We are super grateful to be able to share FMM’s signature skill with you!!   Hats off to you for taking steps toward emotional resilience!


Sexual Development
Sexual Development
We won't guard what we don't value

Whether a parent or not, individuals attending this workshop will better understand the many contributors to a sexual belief system.   The Sexual Development workshop addresses the necessity of developing a safe and shame free approach for talking about sex that values and guards the arousal template (sexual belief system) throughout life. This workshop is the second in the God’s Design for Sex series and is based on “Talking To Your Kids About Sex” written by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, the foremost Christian authority on sexual addiction recovery.  This workshop covers the five dimensions of development (physical, emotional, relational, personal and spiritual) from birth through adulthood covering each age group’s developmental tasks, a parent’s primary tasks, a healthy sexuality checklist and areas of caution.  For best results, this workshop is best attended in conjunction with the God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy workshop. 2T Registration 

Why do parents need to attend this workshop?

This workshop is based on sound biblical and clinical practices designed to help parents take the next step.  Christian parents are grasping for information on how to protect their children from a perverse and hypersexualized culture that is increasingly becoming more sexually broken.  Some parents have a “don’t ask don’t tell” or “assume the best” policy, while most feel awkward talking with their kids about sex and are unaware of good Christian educational resources available.  This workshop helps parents get comfortable with having an ongoing conversation with their kids instead of just having “the talk.”   To host a workshop in your community contact 

Personal & Ministry Vision
Vision Storyboard
Vision Inspires You - It is the IMPACT of your mission in God’s plan

“…arise walk through the land and write a description of it according to your inheritance…” – Joshua 18-3-8.  This developing workshop is based on FMM’s Affiliate Program Ministry Principles Module and is designed to work in conjunction with the Mission Statement workshop.  When life becomes hard your Vision Storyboard is an effective tool providing the “Why?” behind getting up and doing it again.  We often start the vision process by imagining what would make us happy, comfortable and or successful.  These are wonderful outcomes, but they should be held loosely as they can become idols.  Come to this workshop with an end in mind – the impact of your life’s mission.  3W Registration

Vision & Reality

“We always have visions, before a thing is made real.” – Oswald Chambers

Envision outcomes that correspond with the values and characteristics expressed in your mission statement and then start collecting printed images and words that leave an impression and speak to your mission and vision.  Save and organize the files or pieces until you have multiple images and words representing the each expression of your convictions.  Those without a reference point for where they are going can benefit greatly from this Vision Storyboard exercise.  If you can, hold off on making your storyboard until you’ve attended the workshop as there are other helpful contributions from Dr. Mark and Debbie Laaser for us to discuss that will enhance your pursuit.  As usual, we will incorporate a few biblical word studies for guidance to become the highest and best version of ourselves.