FMM teaches biblically based workshops on Identity Agreement, God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy and Healthy Sexual Development – building the Arousal Template, our sexual belief system.


FMM’s God’s Design for Sex series addresses the necessity of developing a safe and shame free approach for talking about sex that values and guards the arousal template throughout life.  A key component of God’s design is learning delayed gratification, yet this is extremely difficult in today’s hypersexualized “in your face” culture.  However, delayed gratification occurs when our desire for a higher outcome is stronger than the perceived pleasure from an immediate substitute.



FMM addresses addiction with a Trauma Model / Core Issue Addiction Recovery (CIAR) approach, the Next Generation of Addiction Recovery.


Not all recovery models are equal. Early 12 Step recovery programs were enriched by second generation Christ-centered materials, yet experience indicates these approaches lack an essential biblical core issue/trauma model focus, vital group crosstalk, the teaching of healthy intimacy skills in the group process and an intentional discipleship model to serve out of their testimony.



FMM provides Core Issue Addiction Recovery (CIAR) Training for clinicians, pastors, lay persons, those in recovery, their loved ones and anyone who desires to be equipped to serve.


Online/Onsite Training makes instruction easily available and accessible. Previously accredited CEU conference materials taught by Sue Moore, compiled from addiction and recovery experts such as P. Carnes, M. Laaser, M. Ferree, R. Blankenship, D. Amen, Cloud & Townsend, A. Hart among others, bring a confidence of literacy necessary for planting and sustaining core issue addiction recovery groups, in addition to the added value of networking with other Christian recovery ministries to strengthen local community efforts.

FMM works alongside the Anti-Human Trafficking movement to plant Demand Reduction (DR) Initiatives in local communities.


To end sex trafficking we must stop the demand for commercial sex. FMM addresses sexual addiction’s insatiable appetite by collaborating with local human trafficking efforts raising up civic and faith leaders to plant DR initiatives in their communities. With CIAR groups in their communities, local clinicians come alongside the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies to provide a court mandated buyers’ school (similar to DUI school) for those arrested for the purchase of adult commercial sex. As part of the school process, participants are introduced to community CIAR groups to continue their recovery journey on a volunteer basis.


FMM coaches leaders on the Affiliate Program to establish local training “Hubs.”



Churches may already have properly qualified leadership and perhaps may also have invested into recovery training and resources. Yet, ministering those with sexual issues often evades common recovery resources and the present scope of ministry within the church. God has equipped FMM to help the Body of Christ with this impairing problem in a unique way. When local leaders are ready to make sexual addiction recovery a priority and to impact its body and community, the church will need someone to coach them through the challenges and road blocks associated with reaching and investing into these men and women. FMM provides churches with personal coaching along with tested and proven materials to walk through this endeavor with confidence. Modules included in the Affiliate Program are:

Ministry Team

Ministry Education (CIAR Training)

Ministry Principles

Ministry Action Plan



If you would like more information on FMM’s services, please email  Thank you, God bless you for your interest in this work!