Since the beginning of our ministry, Sue has been with us to implement the Affiliate Program and has always been available to answer our many questions and give us support. We thank Sue for her excellent work, patience, professionalism, and above all for the passion with which she conducts her work. Today, thanks to the training and support, our ministry has been able to reach many men and women in the Latino community.

Jose Bido


Sue was a wonderful addition to the L.I.F.E. ministry. Her knowledge of the product portfolio and client needs is without equal. She was a dependable member of the L.I.F.E. ministry team.

Jerry Sinclair

CXO, Faithful and Tru

With FMM I feel as if I’ve gotten truly free of the bondage I’ve been living in my whole life. I’ve been in traditional recovery for 15 years and have made more progress in 6 months of coaching with Sue and following the L.I.F.E Recovery Model than in all the other years combined.

Jackie W.

FMM Coaching Client

Sue demonstrates a commitment to ministry that is not easily duplicated in our current culture. She is an innovator and self-starter with a willingness to tackle any challenge. She is direct, self-assured, and forceful by nature without being dogmatic or overbearing. Sue accepts responsibility and approaches challenges and problems systematically. Sue has impressed me with her consistent moral courage.

Lonnie Earnest

Executive Director, Christian 12 Step Ministry

Core Issue Addiction Recovery Training

Several years ago I participated in a CIAR training event at my local church which turned into several annual events.  This CIAR training provided the catalyst for starting numerous recovery groups in our community which has given freedom to scores of men trapped in sexual bondage.  Sue exudes a love for God like few others I know and continues to help countless individuals Live In Freedom Everyday!

Marty Miller, TN 2/2019

Founder/Chief Architect, Blueprint for Men

ASC Student Testimonials

FMM’s Associate Study Certificate has given me an opportunity to slow down in my own recovery and look under the hood to understand more clearly the Neuroscience as well as practical applications that are not only helping
me in my own recovery but empowering me to be more effective in my role as a coach and sponsor for others. Sue’s knowledge combined with her passion for multiplying facilitators and trainers is a powerful combination and is helping
not only address sexual addiction issues, but also equipping the Church to provide paths for healing and equipping for understanding God’s amazing design for sexuality and sexual development.

David R.

ASC Class 2021

Beth 2022
Brian 2022

The support group means to me a safe place to share my emotions and feeling without been judged.

FMM Wms Grp Mbr


The impact this support group has had upon my emotional and spiritual growth has been astounding. Every single time I begin to doubt if any of this has made a difference, I marvel at what ends up happening. I experience deeper revelation, greater intimacy and increased self-awareness. I’m also more willing to ask for help and work through distressing emotions. I’m learning that earlier ways of coping are no longer serving me nor in my relationships with others. I’m very grateful for the FMM L.I.F.E Recovery group because there is so much I’ve gained and it has been well worth the time and effort.

FMM Wms Grp Mbr


God’s Design for Sex & Sexual Development

I enjoyed hearing the scientific breakdown of what happens to your body during masturbation vs sexual intimacy with my spouse. I’m going to be more mindful of what I watch and be willing to give to my husband (physical covenant).

Reflective Listening Exercise

With the RL exercise my feelings were sorted out and anxiety a lot less intense.  My challenges became clear and what action I needed to take.  It became easier to say “NO” and I felt less overloaded whenever I did it.  The RL worksheet allowed me to give back other people’s responsibilities and for me to just be responsible for my life only.

AK, Japan

Once again, the Reflective Listening Exercise has come through for me! I just got home from spending two hours processing through the pain caused by a very hurtful comment made by a dear friend concerning my medical issues. I can take that feeling of painful shame and run it through the list of boundaries to determine what I alone am responsible for. Then, as I figure out what my basic human need is, I can write down what my next steps will be. The next action is most important because we were created by God to be in community. That next action is to process the exercise with a safe group of spiritual people. There is tremendous healing that comes from telling our painful memories to people who validate our pain and affirm our value and worth. Thank you, Sue, for giving us this tool. I think it is why I’ve been on such a fast growth track emotionally and spiritually.


Group / Guide

I finished my first cycle through the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide this Tuesday. We’re going back to lesson one now… Doing the program is helping me so much. I haven’t had a punishment fantasy for eight months, a sexual fantasy for seven and a half, pornography for seven, self-stimulation for six and a half, and binge eating for five.  The thing that I’m the most happy about is that the punishment and eating issues have changed so much. Those were the two that affected my life the most negatively. I feel grateful that this program exists.

Group has given me the affirmation that I had always longed for in my life.  This group is like family to me and in some cases, I am closer to my fellow group participants than I am with actual relatives.  I have learned how to be real and support others who are being vulnerable.  I had no skills to do this before coming to group.

FMM Wms Grp Mbr


I am eternally grateful for this ministry and its leaders!!! The Lord brought me to this group almost a year and a half ago, in such a crucial time in my recovery, where I needed to go deeper and become fully known. I have found a genuine and safe group of ladies who lovingly embrace, challenge and support me with empathy and sincere care for me to be well!! The guide, my recovery plan and additional resources (such as the workshops) have provided the scientific and Biblically sound and practical knowledge and wisdom I have needed to address my multiple medicating behaviors, heart and core issues, to experience continual healing and transformation, all which has led me to a more sound, loving, reliant, profound and redemptive understanding of my Lord and relationship with Him!!! I just celebrated one year of sobriety from alcohol and I couldn’t have done it on my own!! ALL glory to God!!! Fellowship is truly equal to freedom!!!

FMM Wms Grp Mbr