HT Demand Reduction Initiatives

The illustration above represents a strategy to address demand reduction from a sexual addiction recovery perspective.

The above illustration presents a strategy for a solution to the Sex Trafficking Equation.  Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM) provides evidence based and trauma informed care resources to equip Christians to engage their communities by planting support groups for sexual abuse trauma, sexual and general addiction recovery as well as encouraging the same within the correctional system.

The illustration on the left represents a comprehensive demand reduction strategy.  Ideally, communities would actively engage human trafficking by planting sexual trauma support groups as well as sexual and general core issue addiction recovery groups both inside and outside the correctional system.  Alongside these efforts, following the court mandated DUI model, the strategy includes implementing a buyers’ reform school.  This school is to be led by licensed clinicians and targets purchasers of adult commercial sex (and other related crimes) to educate and strengthen a participant’s ability to make healthier choices that meet their needs by means other than commercial sex.  Send us an email if you are interested in offering a buyers reform school in your community. 

Sexual Trauma Resource – In the Wildflowers

Sexual/General Addiction Support Groups – FMM CIAR Training based on the L.I.F.E. Recovery Model and L.I.F.E. Recovery Curriculum

Buyers Reform School – For more information email

Pornography: A Public Health Crisis, (download) How pornography fuels child sexual abuse, compulsive sexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, sex trafficking and more…

Demand Reduction workers are desperately needed if we are going to end the blight of sex trafficking.  At minimum, we must understand what lies at its root.  FMM firmly believes sexual addiction recovery and vigilant guarding of the arousal template is key.   You are invited to learn more by clicking on the CIAR Video link to the left for access to FMM’s training.

If you are interested in starting Demand Reduction initiatives in your community by either organizing subcommittees, support groups or  buyers schools, please let us know how we can come alongside your efforts.  Send us an email at

May God richly bless our efforts to glorify His great name!