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Second Tuesday Workshops

GDS series

2T 2023 Registration and workshop information.  No prerequisites.

Third Wednesday Workshops

3W 2023 Registration –  Register once for access to all workshops.  Please follow this link for workshop information.  No prerequisites.


Reflective Listening Workshop

RLW 2023 Registration  Workshop Handouts & Prerequisites

Please read the instructions below to help you get the most out of the workshop.

1. Watch this Reflective Listening (RL) Exercise video multiple times.

2. Download, save and print documents listed below and keep them in a folder/binder for easy access.  We suggest that you make multiple copies of the single worksheet.

3. Your Reflective Listening exercise sample: Select an experience or situation and fill out the sentence on your worksheet following the Reflective Listening (advanced version) instructions.  Do your best, but don’t get uptight about doing it perfectly.  Select a topic that you would be comfortable processing with others during breakouts (potentially).

We ask that if you attend this workshop that you are familiar with the video, the worksheet instructions and supporting documents and that you have worked on a couple worksheets (basic or advanced) prior to the workshop. 

During the workshop we will collectively follow the RL instructions with a sample worksheet stopping at each step to breakout into groups allowing time for you to practice on your own worksheet.  We are super grateful to be able to share FMM’s signature skill with you!!   Hats off to you for taking steps toward emotional resilience!