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SHE Summit Oct. 17-21


Mission’s Edge Sept. 20th

Discipleship and Pursuit of Sexual Wholeness


SILS 2022 April 27th – 30th

Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit

St. Louis


Mission’s Edge Interview 9/20/22

Discipleship and Pursuit of Sexual Wholeness with Ruth Njagi, Julianna Jones and Sue Moore, CPSAS

When it comes to sexual wholeness, freedom is found through obedience-based discipleship worked out in community. If we look at sexuality as a continuum, we see indulgence on one side and deprivation on the other; neither is healthy and both stem out of our experiences in life. Thus, the goal is for all to learn to view it in a healthy way as God designed it.

SHE Summit, October 17-21

Raising Up God’s Army – Your Kingdom Assignment

Church Mobilization… What does the body need to serve its sexually broken?  A Witness.  And a plan.  It’s a big issue with a variety of materials available.  So, where do we start!?

We know that Jesus restores and there are countless persons walking in freedom from past sexual failures who are not welcome to share in the church, not yet.  Our quest today as Christ’s bride is to change that environment and quick.  But, how?  It’s not as overwhelmingly impossible as one might think but it does require a shame free witness.  As people endure without passion or purpose, wouldn’t belonging to a larger story be compelling?   Join me as we talk about what’s needed to Raise Up God’s Army and walk in our kingdom assignment.

Whether you’re prompted to swim in the deep or prefer the shallows, we’ll look at ways you can be mobilized to get started.  Join us!

Breakout Session: Thursday, April 28th 11:15am

Good, Better, Best: Planting & Sustaining Effective Recovery Groups with Post Traumatic Growth Principles

Breakout Session: Friday, April 29th 1:30pm

It’s More Than Porn: Serving Female Sex & Love Addicts in the Church


The CIAR training is a truly enlightening conference with a lot of ground to talk about and the presenter, Sue Moore, is captivating and she is living it and passionate about the topics.

A.S., Guatemala 2017

“Thanks for digging so deep.  It’s not lost.  :)”

Orange City, FL 4/2015

“I originally participated in this training in order to gain information to help others in a teen ministry I’m a part of. “Those people have addictions and cope with problems in all the wrong ways”, I thought. But through this training my eyes were opened to so many issues in my own life and family that I now have the tools, information, and support to assess and make positive changes in. This training is very informative and deep, while at the same time, full of so many facts and insights that make perfect sense. I would definitely recommend this course and curriculum to everyone!”

Brittany E. Chattanooga 9/2015

“Thank you for sharing the neurochemical background to better understand the physical aspects and source of problems.”

Knoxville, TN 10/2014

Several years ago I participated in a CIAR training event at my local church which turned into several annual events.  This CIAR training provided the catalyst for starting numerous recovery groups in our community which has given freedom to scores of men trapped in sexual bondage.  Sue exudes a love for God like few others I know and continues to help countless individuals Live In Freedom Everyday!

Marty Miller TN 2/2019

Founder/Chief Architect, Blueprint for Men

FMM’s training is eye opening in understanding the scope and size of the sexual dis-function we have in our world today. Getting this information out to the church needs to be of utmost importance. If you lead in ANY capacity at your church, this training is a MUST. Getting L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups started and helping not only Christains, but unbelievers as well, to find healing from lust and pornography has to be one of the top priorities of the modern church.

Chris G. - Newnan, GA 7/2016

“I attended one of your training sessions at the Florida Abolitionist headquarters in Altamonte Springs.  Thank you for your continued work. There are so many who need your help.  Don’t give up.  I really believe your ministry is going to grow, and grow and grow!”

MAA, Central Florida 2014

“I appreciate so much about this training!  One thing is it’s causing a lot of introspection.  God is really speaking to me thru this.  Also, I appreciate the way you present as a real, vulnerable, human being.  You are not a holier-than-thou-Bible throwing- judgmental church barger.  Your presentation of your understanding of Jesus is very welcome and attractive.”

Orange City, FL 4/2015

“AWESOME and helpful information!   You are a great presenter and deliver info that is helpful.”

Orange City, FL 4/2015

I thank God for your life and ministry, not only for the valuable information shared with us but also for being an encouragement to keep sharing our own testimony.

J.D., Guatemala 2017

“Great workshop – I received personal insights that I needed for my journey towards wholeness and tools to help others do the same.  Thank you, Sue!”

Orlando 3/2014

“I really enjoyed this course! Thank you so much for your time and service to the Kingdom of God!  I pray that God continues to bless you!”

Amanda W. - Orange City, FL 4/2015

“This content is excellent.  Your passion for and knowledge of the process is evident and appreciated.”

Ooltewah, TN 11/2014

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!”

Orlando 7/2014

“It spiritually made sense of so much mud in my brain. This training gave order and understanding to my life; broadly from ministry, to my family and marriage and more.  The understanding of attachment issues, sources etc. have been huge to me.  God is using you and this training in a huge way. Feeling very grateful.”

Pamela C, Chattanooga 9/2015

“The only thing I can say is that your training changed my life.  Since then I have enrolled in school, become deeply connected with my son’s emotions (at least I think), and have become a ruthless but gentle evangelist for the recovery of sex addiction!!”

R, Georgia 2016