Workshop Testimonials

God’s Design for Sexual Intimacy

Sexual Development

What was the main point you walked away with?

The correlation between the marriage union and the one-ness with God. Personal stories helped!  Including them (of yourself and others) helped make the topic as something anyone can relate to instead of being distant.

My favorite topic was the connection between worship (rest in God) and sexual intimacy with your spouse.


I used to be afraid of sex, but now I’m thankful and want to rest in waiting for my spouse.


Yada – to know and become known.  Fantasy is reality in the brain.


The conviction of not seeking God as the ultimate pleasure.


I enjoyed hearing the scientific breakdown of what happens to your body during masturbation vs sexual intimacy with my spouse. I’m going to be more mindful of what I watch and be willing to give to my husband (physical covenant).


The arousal template and science behind our sexuality is always neat.


Joy [can be] found in singleness and our wholeness with Him helps transition into a relationship that better reflects Christ and the Church.

I want to crave my spouse, but I am setting her up for failure by allowing other images to come into my neural pathways and masturbating.


Masturbation is lacking satisfaction and intimacy which is why I feel lonely and empty afterward. Without knowledge we are not prepared to fight the culture of the enemy and the world.


This workshop gives a wealth of information that will give new insight into the role of a parent and mentor. It opens one’s eyes to understanding that there is so much more than teaching your child to remain pure and keep yourself until marriage.


Plain and blunt – It needs to be safe for a child to talk about sex with their parents.  I’m going to look at my own perception of sex.


We have to talk openly about sex with our children. I’m going to explore what doesn’t align with God in my arousal template.

I have a huge impact on the foundation of my children’s sexual life.

The consequences of masturbation.

My identity needs to be in God and I need to work towards agreement with how He sees me.

The severity of lack of information out there and it’s our job as parents to educate God’s design.


I think I have some abandonment issues and I did seek to fulfill my own need because no one else was.  I need to get back to wholeness.


As a society, we need to make sure that we meet nurture [needs] and delay gratification, uplift and not be afraid to share the glory of God and His design for sex.

I was here for myself and introspection – not necessarily parenting skills, but this class will certainly help when I have kids.