FMM Founder, CEO, Sexual Addiction Specialist

Sue Moore, CPSAS

Sue Moore is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist through C-SASI, and Founder and President of Forgiven Much Ministries (FMM). Moore is a Christ follower, avid Word Study geek who loves to learn. Moore’s recovery history includes multiple addictions: drug abuse, female sex and love addiction, work-holism, body image issues and co-dependency. Moore was married 20 years to a known drug and sex addict until the marriage imploded after the discovery of violations of the innocent and his resistance to recovery.

Early in ministry, the Lord catapulted Moore to the top Christian sexual addiction recovery influencers where she handled inquiries revealing the need for a model and education. Shortly thereafter, Moore crafted the LIFE Recovery Model (LRM), endorsed by the late Dr. Mark Laaser. The LRM is trauma informed, core issue addiction recovery, methodology emphasizing effective best practices based on Post Traumatic Growth principles that expedite recovery amid the ever growing market of materials and programs. Along with the LRM, Moore established FMM’s Core Issue Addiction Recovery training to equip individuals with a confidence of literacy for a lifetime of service. In addition, Moore has contributed content for the LIFE Recovery Guide for Addictive Behaviors and the LIFE Grieving Guide. Moore also is the co-author of E4HI, Education for Healthy Intimacy, a Buyers’ Reform School Curriculum for Purchasers of Adult Commercial Sex.

You may or may not know the details of my call to ministry. I would like to give God the glory and briefly state my journey here.

I was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic, physically and emotionally abusive and yet Christian home. As the youngest of four children, we were ushered into modeled behaviors of codependency and addiction. Without knowledge of a definition, I was a sex addict from puberty, I married an addict and after twenty years the marriage imploded, I returned to my promiscuity and God intervened. Restoration is the ‘rest’ of this wonderful story. Although this brief testimony doesn’t detail the pain and anxiety that was under the surface, I assure you that God rescued me with His mighty hand and outstretched arm much like He has done and desires to do for others throughout the world.

On the professional side, God’s hand has always been on my career taking me up through the ranks of sales and marketing with several large and credible firms but not without first digging in the trenches three times as the first female to work in uncharted male territories in the early 80’s. Relating this in my story is beneficial to help understand how God has uniquely gifted me for this ministry’s service.

My work with L.I.F.E. was to expand and enhance its impact which included developing the L.I.F.E. Recovery Model, endorsed by Dr. Mark Laaser, foremost Christian authority on sexual addiction recovery, developing conference training materials and contributing content to the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide for Addictive Behaviors (General Addiction) and the L.I.F.E. Grieving Guide as well as the Affiliate program design.

Sexual addiction ministry is uncharted to say the least. Mankind has an insatiable appetite and as a global society, we are addicted to sex. Sex addiction is our #1 secret and thankfully God has given credible, biblical L.I.F.E. Recovery Guides to minister to the sexually broken.

Speaker – Trainer – Coach



L.I.F.E Recovery Model Author, CIAR Training Instructor & Coach
Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force Founding Member

Since the beginning of our ministry, Sue has been with us to implement the Affiliate Program and has always been available to answer our many questions and give us support. We thank Sue for her excellent work, patience, professionalism, and above all for the passion with which she conducts her work. Today, thanks to the training and support, our ministry has been able to reach many men and women in the Latino community.

Jose Bido

The work of Sue Moore is not one for the faint of heart.   Sue is a focused, passionate, devoted, Christ-follower that is in the midst of an amazing journey.  Her desire to promote and establish within faith communities L.I.F.E. Recovery Groups whereby the challenges of sexual purity can be navigated and addressed is inspiring.   Her desire to bring support and help at the grassroots levels of a church in this highly-charged and difficult area is paramount to the modern church. 

Sue’s message represents the hope of the Scriptures for each man and woman who desire to live in the beauty of God’s design for sexual purity.  Her devotion to provide safe, faith-based environments for men and women who desire to seek freedom and healing from the damage of misguided and misappropriated sexual behaviors represents the strategic potential of the Church providing guidance and support to those very people.   Sue’s passion and message is one for all churches of all faiths. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the movement of God’s message in Sue Moore.

Berry Johnston

Pastor of C.A.R.E. Ministries, Discovery Church, Orlando

Sue was a wonderful addition to the L.I.F.E. ministry. Her knowledge of the product portfolio and client needs is without equal. She was a dependable member of the L.I.F.E. ministry team.

Jerry Sinclair

CXO, Faithful and Tru

Sue demonstrates a commitment to ministry that is not easily duplicated in our current culture. She is an innovator and self-starter with a willingness to tackle any challenge. She is direct, self-assured, and forceful by nature without being dogmatic or overbearing. Sue accepts responsibility and approaches challenges and problems systematically. Sue has impressed me with her consistent moral courage.

Lonnie Earnest

Executive Director, Christian 12 Step Ministry