The LIFE Recovery Model, (LRM) written by Sue Moore, CPSAS, CEO and Founder of Forgiven Much Ministries, is based on post traumatic growth principles and was created out of compassion for those desiring to get well midst the myriads of programs, materials and information available of which most were misguided or incomplete.  In recovery, we need help distinguishing between good, better and best.  We need to follow a proven, measurable plan for a lifetime of successful recovery.

We have to go deep to get to the root.  By using biblical and clinically proven principles that uncover and begin to heal the core issues that drive the addictive condition, the LRM is distinctly different from the 12 Steps or other recovery programs.  Also distinctive is its support group environment that develops healthy relational skills, learning emotional resilience by practicing the Reflective Listening exercise and includes the vital component of crosstalk that equips participants for life’s interactions outside of group.

The LIFE Recovery Model (LRM) is endorsed by the late Dr. Mark Laaser, author and senior editor of the L.I.F.E. Recovery Guide series, the foremost Christian authority on sexual addiction recovery and a national board certified Christian counselor.