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Below you will find links to pdfs and other pertinent information for your successful completion of the course.  Please have your application turned in before the first session and your Character and Accountability References returned before holiday break.  Please contact us if you have any difficulty, questions or concerns.

Along with the Coursework and CIAR Training Video Assessments, please ensure that you are connected with the class on our ASC Group on Facebook.  The ASC Group provides a platform for your Discussion Board posts and weekly Reflective Journaling Assignments.  If you have not yet received your invitation to join the group, please search for ASC Group and request access.

Thank you so very much for joining us on this journey.  May the Lord richly bless the work of our hands to bring glory to His great name!



Associate Study Certificate (ASC) – COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

01 ASC Application

Course Definitions Pre-Test

This ASC Pre/Post-Test has been designed for the purpose of determining your base knowledge of core issue addiction recovery methodology prior to the ASC instruction and then measuring pre-course knowledge against post course knowledge.  Please take the Pre-Test and Post-Test only once each.  Most test answers are open ended.  We ask for a genuine portrayal of a student’s knowledge and for that reason we ask that you take the Pre-Test without investigating these terms prior to taking the Pre-Test.  When asked what comes to mind or what is your current knowledge of _____?  Please answer honestly if you have no idea.

Post –Test students are asked to take the test without support materials present so that administrators can accurately determine the effectiveness of learning methods.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.  FMM is working toward offering the best opportunities for the highest outcomes of student comprehension and retention.


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