Excerpts from: “Specialized Experience in Core Issue Addiction Recovery
Written by Sue Moore, S.A.S.
Forgiven Much Ministries

The expanding impact of addiction on society is forcing a deeper look into what is Diagram1behind these behaviors and the effectiveness of recoverymethods and practices. In the US alone, population statistics indicate that 26%, 80 million people, 12 years and older abuse substances.1 Add to that 47% of Christians admit that pornography (only one of twelve presentations of sexual addiction) is a major> problem at home2 and we can clearly see that we are a culture reeling in the addictive condition. The question really is,

“Are we ready to address what is driving our behaviors?”

Based on decades of research, Dr. Patrick Carnes established the “Cycle of Addiction” which involves a sequence of stages beginning with Preoccupation or
Fantasy, leading to Rituals, then Acting Out and Despair. Each repetition of the cycle intensifies the craving and neurochemical tolerance. In Carnes book, “Out of
the Shadows,” he relays how this behavior begins with delusional thought processes that are rooted in the addict’s belief system. “Each person has a belief
system that is the sum of the assumptions, judgments, and myths that he or she holds to be true. It contains potent family messages about a person’s value or worth, relationships, needs, and sexuality. Within it is a repertoire of what “options” – answers, solutions, methods, possibilities, ways of behaving – are open to each of us. In short, it is a model of the world.”

• 70 million Americans deal with emotional conflict feeling held back by their past. 3
• In 2000, 8% of the US population was sexually addicted, 24 million people over a decade ago!9
• Today’s erotic trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” has sold 30 million US copies. Americans (typically women) can’t get enough…”10
• 1/3 of visitors to all adult web sites are women11
• 58.5 sexual imprints each day emanate from media, marketing and music12fostering an appetite for pornography no longer hidden in late night viewing, but 70% is viewed from 9am-5pm13 by men, women and now children.
• 90% of adolescents (8-16yo), view porn online (most while doing homework).14
• Juvenile sex offenders are responsible for 40% of ALL sexual offenses.15

Whatever the coping method, as Christians we face an internal dilemma to teach others to obey all that Christ has commanded.
• Weekly over 25 million (47%) Christians are dealing with major pornography issues at home! 2, 16
• 37% of pastors say pornography is a current struggle17
• 64% of Christian leaders confirmed that they were struggling with sexual addiction/compulsion.18
• 59% in the Christian community believe it is acceptable to cohabitate.19
• 40% of homosexuals say they are committed Christians.20
• 34% of female readers of Today’s Christian Woman’s online newsletter admitted to intentionally accessing internet porn.


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